• Endless supply of chilled and boiling
    pure water with one touch.
    You’ll never have to depend on supply
    of water tanks or make sure your
    shopping list includes bottled water
  • More space in your fridge
    More space for storage
    Less use of the recycling bin
  • No more lifting heavy water tanks or carrying
    heavy shopping bags with bottled water.
  • Select chilled or boiling water with one touch.
    The Agam water bar is equipped with a
    unique temperature control system
    – so you
    can have your coffee at the perfect 92
    degrees, tea at 98 degrees or your own
    personalized settings for cooking.
  • Instant hot water – no more long waiting for
    the water to boil
  • Adjust the quantity of water dispensed, to match
    your cup size
  • Removable tray allows filling larger items such
    as sports bottles, tea pots and saucepans
  • Safety mode for children. Auto lock functionality
    after every dispense, to prevent children from
    using the Agam water bar unattended