What size is the Agam Water Bar?

Dimensions: height 34 cm, depth 37 cm, width 30 cm

Can I use the hot water for a baby bottle?

Yes, it is safe. The Agam water bar reaches boiling point so it replaces well the kettle for baby drink preparation.

How the Agam Water Bar is installed?

Installation: one of our engineers installs the Agam Water Bar at your place, free of charge. It is connected to your mains supply via flexi tube that is fed into your mains supply, normally under the sink. The tube is then brought under the cupboards and connected to the Agam at the back of the unit. We install the units using our own engineers as we like to ensure the Agam is installed to the mains supply correctly and this also enables us to take you through the machine and personalize the settings to your requirements. This also ensures the warranty of the appliance and protects you in the unlikely event that your appliance may have a fault. The installation does not require extra space or any preliminary preparations.

Does the Agam Water Bar maintain the fluoride in the water?

With the Agam system the fluoride stays. The fluoridation process varies by local water authority. The Agam appliance does not change the mineral composition of the water, and thus does not extract the fluoride.

What function does the filter of the Agam Water Bar?

Agam has a unique filter that removes metals (lead and mercury).

Do I have to fill the Agam Water Bar with water?

You don’t have to fill the Agam with water as it is connected into your mains water supply and automatically refills as you take water from it, so you can just enjoy an endless supply of hot and cold water.

In what colors can I have my Agam Water Bar?

Agam has a stylish design that comes with a range of 12 color options to match your décor. Choose from white, cream, yellow, green, silver, blue, orange, grey, red, metal grey, purple and black. To see the full color range click here.

Where can I install my Agam Water Bar?

You can install Agam even on granite and marble work surfaces as our engineers had a specialist training to drill through those surfaces and have all right equipment to do that in the most professional way.

Can I put my Agam Water Bar in kitchen cupboard?

The Agam water bar can be installed inside a cabinet or inside a recess. However, like all other electrical appliances, it is necessary to leave a 10 cm gap between the back of the appliance and the wall, to allow adequate air circulation.

How hot and how cold is Agam’s water?

The water reaches boiling point (similar to the operation of an electric kettle) The water is held at 60c , so when the hot button is pressed you get perfect water for coffee, by pressing the extra hot button the water is boosted to boiling point at 98c, perfect for tea.

The cold water in Agam can reach a temperature of 5c.

How come there are no germs in Agam Water Bar?

There are no germs in Agam Water Bar due to the ultra violet (UV) lamp.

The UV lamp exterminates germs found in water. The UV light operates on a specific wave length, the wave length has an influence on all living organisms, and the shorter the wave is, the more severe the impact. The lamp of the Agam has a beam strength which does not allow the germs to multiply. The result is germ free water. The advantage of this method is the efficiency and speed of the germ extermination. Chlorine is present in water to protect it and once this has been removed, as our filters do, the water is open to contamination; the UV lamp protects the water and ensures no contamination can take place.

The UV illumination does not alter the water's composition but exterminates bacteria present in the water without causing any taste or smell problems. After chlorine has been removed from the water it could have bacteria growth, the UV lamp ensures this does not happen.

This technology is safe to use and all the company's appliances are tested and comply with strict safety standards. The UV system is placed in a closed container and there is no danger of exposure.

Does the Agam Water Bar use a lot of energy?

The Agam's energy saving function ensures the Agam is very energy efficient.

When the energy saving is activated it stops boiling the water to a temperature of 90 degrees, and maintains a water temperature of 60 degrees thus saving on electrical power and ensuring no developing of bacteria. In addition and for total energy efficiency, you can also set the wake-up mode of Agam at three different times according to suit your lifestyle.

Is my Agam Water Bar safe for children?

Agam takes children’s safety very seriously and therefore it has two child safety locks to prevent young children from dispensing hot water. Hot water can only by dispensed once a separate unlock button has been pressed. If required, customers can set an additional child lock which requires the unlock button to be held down for 3 seconds before hot water can be dispensed. When child safety lock is on it is impossible for the Agam water bar to dispense hot water by pressing any single button, meaning hot water cannot be accidentally released.

Does the Agam filter chlorine from the water?

The Agam includes a filter that contains active charcoal; the charcoal absorbs the chlorine and the aftertastes. In addition the filter is equipped with a micron mesh that filters sand, rust and other particles.

Is the UV lamp recyclable?

The UV lamp of Agam Water Bar is recyclable. You just put it in the glass recycling bin.

How often do I have to replace the UV lamp?

The UV lamp should be replaced every six months.

Is the filter of Agam Water Bar recyclable?

The filter of Agam Water Bar is recyclable. You just put the filter in the plastics recycling bin.

Can I fill a big pot with the Agam?

The cup/glass tray of Agam Water Bar is removable, so you can fill large items such as sports bottles, tea pots and pans.

Is the Agam easy to use?

Agam Water Bar is very easy to use, with its touchscreen it is very simple to select the quantity and temperature you desire.

How do I clean my Agam Water Bar?

Cleaning the Agam Water Bar is very easy. Use a soft cloth and lukewarm water to clean the appliance's body, and a dry cloth to clean the control panel.

The appliance is connected to the electric network, so do not wet the back of the appliance with water!

What is the difference between mineral water and tap water?

The water dispensed by the Agam water bar is mains tap water from water sources that are under strict filtration and purification processes and reach the customer safe to drink, and include all the natural minerals and chlorine. The Agam then purifies this water absorbing the chlorine and other impurities but leaves the natural minerals.

Mineral water is water pumped directly from water sources, without any filtration and purification then bottled in plastic bottles and transported via various hubs to the retailer.

All drinking water, as well as tap water and water that is referred to as "mineral water" contain the same minerals, varying in composition and concentration, dependent on the environment from which they come from. Tap water has chlorine added to protect it on its route to your tap and this can cause taste or smell concerns. The Agam purification process absorbs the chlorine from the water. Kills bacteria but leaves the good stuff in.

How much water does the Agam supply?

The Agam is connected to your mains water – so will never run out and is able to provide 80 cups of hot water an hour and 40 cups of chilled water per hour.

If you have any other question, please contact us at the following number: 06(40)680-680