Convenient & effective for your business

  • Agam water bar provides you 80 cups of boiling water per
    hour and 40 glasses of chilled water per hour, so even the
    thirstiest workforce will be satisfied.
  • Agam water bar is small and stylish that will save you space
    in the office (no storage space needed) and saves you money.
  • Endless supply of water and a clear way to keep your
    business hydrated and look after your workforce.

  • Matches your office decor or company color with an
    option of 12 different colors.
  • Easy to use touchscreen with a clear, bright display
  • Unique energy saving and wake-up functions make the
    Agam water bar energy and cost efficient
  • Agam water bar is even smaller than your advanced printer!
  • Agam wins hands down when it comes to environment
    compared to bottled water coolers: no need to manufacture
    the plastic water tanks, no need for delivery trucks and no
    bottle recycling. No more worries about the age of the water,
    tanks, its temperature in the room it is held or if it was held in
    direct sunlight. No more heavy water tanks to carry,
    minimizing the workforce downtime!