How Agam works

Adjust your Agam water bar to your needs:
  • Temperature: chilled water (5-16c), mix (30-60c) and hot – boiled (97-98c)
  • Quantity / Volume: adjust the quantity of water to your favorite glass / cup

All of this with a great taste of pure water.

How Agam works

Never ending water supply

Sitting on your kitchen countertop the Agam is connected to your mains water supply via a flexi tube (no bigger than a pencil). The connection is usually made under the sink. The flexi tube is then fed to the desired location – anywhere up to 10 meters away - and a small hole is made in the countertop to allow the Agam to be connected to the mains supply- giving you an endless supply of pure fresh water.

Purifying system

Purification is through a multi-stage filtration system: filter and UV lamp.

How Agam works
Agam filter

The Agam filter ensures the highest water quality through carbon filter that absorbs chlorine, prevents aftertaste, removes bad smells and heavy metals. Filter life is 6 months or 2000 liters.
Agam UV lamp

Ultra violet light comes after the filtering stage. The purpose of this stage is to reduce bacteria in the water. To maintain effectiveness, the Agam UV lamp has to be replaced once a year.
How Agam works