Agam water bar takes less space than all other type of water dispensers, bottles or water tanks, occupying only a small space in your office or kitchen.

  • Dimensions

    Height: 34 cmWidth: 30 cmDepth: 37 cm
    Weight: 14 kg

Tech Specifications

  • Dimensions

    Cooling consumption 138W
    Cooling consumption 138W

  • Cooling system

    Cold water output 40 cups per hour
    Cold water tank volume 1.7 liters

  • Heating system

    Hot water output 80 cups per hour
    Hot water tank volume 1.4 liters

  • Temperature

    Mixed water 30 - 60˚C
    Cold water temperature 5-16°C
    Hot water temperature 97-98°C
    Control all water temperature to within 1°C and for specific quantities

  • Display

    Full color 2.8” touch-screen interface with pictorial information, fully programmable on-screen
       menu system and visual feedback

    Full color temperature and dispense indicators.